Namaste and Welcome

I was first introduced to a yoga class at the age of ten and immediately fell in love with the feeling of connectedness with the universe that asana practice cultivates.

I believe the physical practice of yoga has tremendous value for longevity and a thriving life because it is a tangible demonstration of our harmony with the universal healing energies.

In studying yoga throughout the years, I have continued to find that the benefits of yoga extend far beyond the physical.


I find that yoga can be a liberating experience and receive immense gratification from passing along a practice that has been nurturing to my spirit for most of my  life.


I completed the Kala Pravinya Yoga's 200 Hour RYT program in May 2015 and have been teaching consistently ever since.

What resonated most with me about Kala Pravinya Yoga is its roots in Jnana Yoga (yoga of knowledge) for self-transformation and personal empowerment.


I completed the Soma Yoga Institute’s 300 Hour RYT program in June 2018 at Better Living Yoga in Aliso Viejo, CA.

I am also a Reiki practitioner, a Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga Instructor, and a barre instructor.

I graduated from Monmouth University with a B.A. in Communication and Screen Studies in 2010.


I moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2017.