Releasing Samskaras

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The Sanskirt term “Samskara,” means psychological imprint from an unresolved past event. It refers to innate patterns of thinking and behavior, and the ways in which they manifest in our lives.

It has been my experience that the ancient wisdom of Yoga can bring awareness to how these types of patterns make themselves apparent in our physical bodies and often result in blockages in our lives. These show up as engrained habits, stemming from past hurt, that we are only sometimes consciously aware of.

It is possible to transform that feeling of “stuckness” into a greater sense of ease and wellbeing through the powers of Yoga practice.

I teach Yoga Asana as well as the very powerful Yoga Nidra, which is yoga of sleep, tapping into the super-conscious to help release samkaras and manifest the next phase of your destiny. I believe through yoga, in its various forms, can help bring about healing from trauma and build self-esteem for all.

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